Liquid Cargo

Fuel companies are massive and global. They are under increasing pressure to ensure that their impact on communities and the environment is minimized, and that they deliver fuel in safe and responsible ways. Fuel companies have no option but to partner with logistics and supply chain service providers that have both high operational standards and uncompromising values.

Fortunately – with our industry-leading our HSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) standards and trusted, reliable logistics solutions for the fuel industry – CRC with a fleet of over 140 fuel tankers is in a position to help them do just that.

Competing as logistics provider in the local fuel sector depends on the ability to deliver maximum value while adhering to the highest possible standards in HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment).

CRC has, over many years, gained specialised logistics expertise in the Fuels industry. This is illustrated in the make-up of our transport fleet, which includes an array of custom-built petroleum tankers.

This is the CRC Fuel CARGO business in a nutshell. Our culture of excellence is driven by continual investments in training, together with an ongoing drive towards higher HSSE scores. The training and development of our world-class bulk vehicle operators takes place at our two yards in Dar es Salaam and a multimillion storage facility in one in Mbeya.

Strategic Expertise

CRC adopted high HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) scores as part of its culture some time ago. Today, attaining the highest levels of HSSE performance is fundamental to our strategy.

As a niche player in the fuel industry, we seek out businesses that need specialist services and desire a partnership approach.

Known for our high service levels and industry-leading HSSE audit scores, our innovative skills and proactive technical capabilities enable us to offer flexible, custom-built solutions that generate maximum value across the supply chain.

We provide local service solutions (generic or tailor-made) to suit your specific fuel transportation needs. Kindly Contact us if you have different requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.